Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Performance Evaluation

The Medicare Shared Savings Program performance has clearly cast light on the key drivers of collaborative care management models and choosing the best MSSP track to drive improved outcomes (both financially & clinically) for the top performers. Risk bearing entities are still struggling with operationalizing data insights and key population health management initiatives which further creates challenges to successfully progress to more downside risk and a capitated risk environment. In High Touch Health's experience, using the Hawthorne effect alone, only achieves a certain amount of success, it really becomes a team approach within the Medical Neighborhood to successfully manage patient populations.

High Touch Health's team has done a comprehensive study of the 2018 MSSP performance results and have outlined the following with detailed performance metrics analysis:

  • Eight key focus areas which are contributing to high performance, from the MSSP performance trends thus far, combined with the performance results of 2018.
  • Comparative performance analysis of different tracks and MSSP models.
  • Analysis of key population health initiatives metrics which are driving improved performance results.